April 24, 2018, 8:07 p.m.

Secretary's early season update


Essentially, we have a new management structure, with Greg Dimsey having come in, managing to assemble an entire first team squad in a short space of time. He is a really good football man, a very nice bloke who is very enthusiastic, to the degree I had to dismiss him from the field last Saturday after the game.....!!, as he was wanting to do everything, from clearing up the dugouts, removing the barriers, reeling in the barrier ropes, phoning in the result, all before he got changed. He clearly commands the respect of his players and all of the Club stalwarts and committee. He needs more help, though, and we are endeavouring to help him find it.

The atmosphere at the Club is really positive, and that is down to the efforts of Greg and Matty, and the Committee.

Both Saturday managers have managed the seemingly impossible, and our Reserves manager, Matt Oakley, has persuaded Nicky Talbot to assist him (a very welcome addition to the Club and a person who wants to do more than just assist), and the return of his brother, Andy Talbot. Results for the Reserves haven't been good, but it is early days, and we are sure they will be competitive very shortly.


The first team has, as we could expect at this stage, had mixed results, and with a limited sized squad, players on holiday or missing due to work commitments, this has had a massive influence. It is coming together nicely, though, and we all witnessed a teriffic result against Sheringham at the weekend, with a deserved 4-3 victory.

The lads, if they weren't before, are now assured they are competitive in this difficult Division.

I personally am pleased for Greg - he came in with the hope that he would retain a few players from last season, though as pre-season progressed, it became obvious he would need to assemble an entire team, the only player retained was Charlie Lambe, (and he was primarily a Reserve player last season). Charlie has been excellent early season, playing in an unfamiliar defensive role.


Greg has made a number of excellent signings, and we welcome them all to our Club.

We also welcome their families - it has been good to get to know them and we hope they will continue to support us and 'their lads'.

With Ray retiring, pitch maintenance duties have been taken on by Steven Griffiths and myself, with guidance from Ray and the Anglian Combination Grounds Standards officer. We realise how difficult it is to maintain the pitch to a good standard, but we are doing our best.

Peter Downing has joined the team, and has done a lot to clear weeds, repair divots and help out where he can - we really are grateful to Peter for this, long may it continue.

We can be very positive about the steps being taken to maintain our club at it's current level. Despite all that has conspired against us, we have battled our way through it.

Don't forget, not many clubs have managed to retain two squads, many teams have folded, so we can be very proud of ourselves. We hope we can continue at this level, and will do our very best to ensure we do.


Next update very soon.



Club Secretary