Jan. 21, 2018, 1:59 p.m.

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Hempnall Reserves v Mutford & Wrentham Res

Trevor Shurmer (Club Secretary)
Report By Trevor Shurmer (Club Secretary)

Saturday, 16th December 2017, 2PM, at None

Home Match, Lowestoft And District Division 3 - 2017 - 2018

Loss, 1 - 5

With only 10 players turning up, the no shows had a great effect on Hempnall’s ability to compete in this match, but compete they did, and we can be proud of the players on the pitch for their efforts throughout the game.


Manager Cranmer must be tearing his hair out knowing that the extra player and perhaps a substitute or two would possibly have turned what was a 5-1 defeat into a win.


The opposition really didn’t outplay Hempnall for much of the game, they took their chances whereas Hempnall, who also had several chances to make the score more realistic, didn’t.


Add to that a bizarre decision by the referee not to give a penalty on Haze, chopped down in the opposing penalty area, but give the free kick the other way, which left everybody baffled – other than that, the referee had a good game and the one decision wouldn’t have affected the outcome.


Still, Hempnall felt aggrieved and then played their best football of the match, with simple passes to the right player led to some good attacks.


With the core of players who actually want to play, Hempnall competed across the park, with Nick Talbot covering every blade of grass, Jordy Batterham tackling and charging forward as only he can, Jason Haze looking skilful and playing the right balls.


Aaron Bradley injured his arm, yet played on, I really hope his arm injury isn’t serious, he is the epitome of loyalty to the club and his teammates.


Another new player, Kevin Tate, injured his hamstring early on, but he too continued playing, and scored with a good finish for Hempnall’s only goal, and Matt Oakley injured his calf, played on to good effect.


Perhaps if Hempnall had managed to score early on as their play deserved, and the opposition keeper hadn’t pulled off a decent save or two, Hempnall would have been closer.


That said, manager Cranmer in goal for Hempnall had a fine game, and his efforts kept Hempnall in the game during their less secure periods.



Despite excellent performances from Talbot, Haze and Batterham in particular, Secretary’s MOM is Andy Cranmer.

Once again, Adam Nelson showed his versatility and value to the club by running the line, running the hospitality and clearing up at the end. How will we replace him?