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Hempnall Sunday Team v MC Rovers

Billy Kelly (Sunday Team Manager)
Report By Billy Kelly (Sunday Team Manager)

Sunday, 22nd October 2017, 10:30AM, at HEMPNALL VH

Home Match, Norwich & District Sunday League - 2017 - 2018

Win, 2 - 1

With the East Anglia Derby on this weekend, Hempnall had players missing but still managed to field a strong 11.
The game standard at a frantic pace with both teams looking to start quickly and assert their dominance.

It was MC Rovers who started to gain a foothold in this game, sending in several crosses which Kelly and Young’s had to clear away and the fullbacks of Taylor and Reynolds swept up. Bailey in goal
was looking confident with anything coming near him.

The first real chance fell to the opposition as a free kick was given away just inside the half, which was sent into the box and found the unmarked player who forced Bailey into a wonderful save to tip it round the post, it was however from this corner that Rovers took a deserved lead when the corner was played Into the attacker who controlled and finished well. 0-1

Hempnall struggled for the next 5 minutes and it was all Rovers as a number of long balls from the fullbacks put the defence under pressure but they dealt with it one way or another.

Hempnall finally started to play football with Ellis and Cullum working hard to chase down balls from Melton, Kelly and Fisher. It was Ellis who had a few half chances either firing over or making the keeper palm it away.

HT 0-1

After some choice words at
half time, and some strops, Hempnall came out fighting in the second half and starting showing more desire and hunger for the ball.

It was through the running of Melton and
brute strength of Robins that Hempnall started to get their way back into this game as they began to command the middle of the park, Melton finding passes to Ellis, Cullum, Fisher and Kelly, while Robins was winning everything.

It was Fisher who was finding joy again down the left as he
normally does, beating his fullback time and time again On one occasion, he won a free kick just outside the box which Reynolds took and whipped in to the back post, it looked over hit but like a steam train round the back came Robins to smash his header past the keeper and celebrate like Alan Shearer, with his finger in the air. 1-1.

After this it was all Hempnall with every first and second ball being chased down and won. It was Melton who found Fisher who again beat his man and found Cullum, got past his defender, being pressured by the keeper produced an unbelievable chip over him and saw it nestle into the far corner for 2-1, to be swarmed by his
joyful teammates.

Hempnall carried on with the pressure and nearly found themselves a further goal i front when Ellis and Cullum combined only for the recovering defender to slice his clearance onto the crossbar.

For the final 10 minutes Rovers pushed more men forward looking for an equaliser only to thwarted by the well disciplined defence of Taylor, Young’s, S.Kelly and Reynolds and an inspired Bailey who produced two brilliant to saves to preserve our lead.

The final whistle went and it’s now 4 in a row after a slow start but if we keep the work rate, desire and teamwork from the second half on Sunday we will be up there come the end of the season.

M.o.M can go to a few in this game, such as Melton for his energy, desire and play, Robins for his crucial goal and winning everything.

But it goes to Lewis Bailey for getting us this win, a second half performance which showed confidence, making a number of key saves at vital times.